T-shirts, mugs, and other items featuring Victor's designs.

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Crazy faceless cartoon guy on a t-shirt

People say, "nobody's honest any more." And, "everybody's got a hidden agenda." Boy, do they. It's hard to know who to trust or what that person across from you is thinking. Does he stare because he has a crush on you? Does she just have a poor sense of social decorum? Maybe there's something on your face? If you're like me and wear your enthusiasm on your sleeve, this shirt may be for you. It should say to that staring person across from you, "Hey, staring person: I won't stare back because frankly I'm a little intimidated, but my shirt has a picture of a guy on it who literally can't hide behind an enigmatic expression because he's got no face." And bam! just like that, you've demonstrated how cool you can be when social pressures seem to crush at your chest cavity and your true emotions come leaking out of your ears, nose, and mouth in little viscous dribbles. This shirt features a transparent background that would probably look good on any base color.

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Old scratch in the box t-shirt

Cranking out demonic thoughts one bottle at a time.

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Good dog t-shirt

We ask you to consider the irrepressible cheerfulness of this dog. Observe its confident posture. Rewarded by a flurry of bones upon which to gnaw, this cartoon canine wants to remind the viewer of the pleasures of a simple life. A life of sitting, staying, shaking hands. A life of awaiting the return of a best friend. Of sniffing new smells and feeling grass between toes. Of whizzing outside. Get this for the good boy or girl in your life, or for yourself as a reward for staying housebroken all these years.

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Good dog mug

Faithfully holds your beverages, writing implements, or snackin' bones.

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